LUMINOSO AFOGADO [LUMINOUS DROWNED] is based on the poetic text by Al Berto. It was adapted and directed by Zia Soares, premiered in Lisbon at Teatro da Trindade in December 2016. In Lisbon it was also performed in the Auditório Fernando Pessa. In 2017 it was presented at Centro de Artes de Sines and in 2018 it took part of the Festival Mindelact in Cape Verde.

Text Al Berto

Adapted and directed by Zia Soares

Cast Gio Lourenço, Chullage, Zia Soares

Voice dramaturgy Filipe Raposo

Elocution Chullage

Sound designer soundslikenuno

Light designer Eduardo Abdala

Scenography/wardrobe Inês Morgado, Zia Soares

Photography Pauliana Valente Pimentel and

Grace Ribeiro

Production Teatro GRIOT

Duration approx. 50mins


LUMINOSO AFOGADO is the company’s first experience with a text of a Portuguese author. The director and actress Zia Soares revisits Al Berto twenty years after having worked with him at the time of his death on an adaptation and staging of his book “Lunário” –  later the play would be called “O Canto do Noitibó”. At the time, Zia Soares was working on her first staging and Al Berto was working on his last artistic project.


LUMINOSO AFOGADO is a kind of shadow line in which -  when confronted with a mirror, with death and the passing of time - a woman fails on recognizing herself, she is between being what one is and other irretrievable and absent. It’s a performance where “silence is definitive”, where one sways between life and death, memory and the most absolute oblivion. A plunge where breathing is suspended in another time, another place.  

The scenery/costume is a sculptural object made of used fishing nets that are always donated by fishermen in the locality where the performance is presented. The nets interweave in harmony and disharmony with the actor’s voice and movements, at times changing into a shapeless and beautiful dress, at others in a dark and grotesque sea.